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Harry and Debi Hartford are two retired educators, who love to share the history of the land they inherited from Harry’s mother, Laura Peters Hartford.  Laura inherited it from Adelbert Thurston.  The property on route 11 in West Newfield, is known by the town as Map 42, Lots 1 and 2.  

    Although Harry wasn’t raised on this property, he has always been fascinated by the outdoors.  This property is the perfect play ground for him!  He holds a masters in meteorology and taught both high school and college students.

    Debi grew up on a dairy farm in Vermont, so when the two met and married in 1982, it was like going home!  No homes within sight and plenty of work to be done.  Debi taught Family and Consumer Science at the middle school level.

    Harry’s dream of using the resources of the land and replicating the process of making maple syrup like his ancestors had done until 1948, became a reality in March 2007.

    You will make our day by visiting!    

The Hartfords

You might wonder who the “Thurston” and “Peters” are in our name.  Thurston and Peters Sugarhouse is about the past.  Adelbert Thurston and Nelson and Nellie Peters were the last people to make syrup on this property.  Since this endeavor is about history, the Hartfords felt it would be great to use their names.  Also, if you take the first letters of each of the words in our name, you get “TAPS”! 

This property was the home of two Civil War veterans, a lead mining attempt and a ski area.  Those who have called this land “home”, rest in peace in the family cemetery.    The sugar house shop area is a bit of a museum.  Family photos and small articles from the past are available for your pleasure.

Nelson Peters, Harry Hartford, and Nellie Peters

Adelbert Thurston

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